Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lentils, Cops, TP, and Birthdays

I did something really stupid Thursday. I was going to make lentils for dinner, but I needed to get a few things from the grocery store. So, since lentils take awhile to cook I thought, "I'll put them on the stove now and run to the store." Yeah, that was a big mistake. I'm lucky that there wasn't a fire. Have you ever seen burnt lentils? They look like Barbie charcoal, but they smell really bad. Our house still smells like smoke, especially when the AC runs. I feel like I spray the air freshener every 10 minutes.

On the cooler side of things, I witnessed a criminal on the run. Someone had gotten in a wreck up at the gas station and ran down the street and hit by the church. When Matthew and I were cleaning up the TP from the church steps I saw him run out and down the sidewalk. Then a cop drove by and asked me if I saw a man in a ball cap and white T-shirt run by, and I told the cop where he had run to. There were cops and fire trucks all over circling the block. I don't know if they caught the guy.

Now, about the toilet paper on the church steps. Stupid, stupid, stupid kids! TP-ing happens a lot around homecoming weekend. Why would someone want to TP the church? Makes no sense to me.

Well, we have to be off to a birthday party. It'll be the first one Eli gets to go to with people his age there. The next one will probably be his own!

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Mutti said...

Sounds like there is never a dull moment in your neck of the woods.