Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ride the Potty Train

We are attempting potty training. Eli is 2 1/2 and likes to use the potty, but just doesn't get the point yet that he's not suppose to pee in his diaper. I need to get him some big boy underwear, but I'm just afraid that they'll be too big for him like all of his 2T pants and shorts. Anybody have any tips? I should just buy him underwear (if they fit) and let him run around the house in them, but we are renting and we have LOTS of carpet (ick). But them again, he usually doesn't pee very much before I sit him on the potty so maybe that would be alright and give him more of a realization when he's wet. We use cloth diapers and have a few cloth training pants (which he seems to go though all 5 the morning after I wash them). I've always been told that using cloth makes it easier. I can't imagine using Pull-ups brand. I was actually totally appalled when I saw "cool alert" Pull-ups at the store. They have some kind of CHEMICAL in them that when the child pees it causes a chemical reaction and feels cold. WHO WOULD WANT THAT! I don't want any kind of unnatural chemical reaction near my child's bottom! Is there any parent that does? Please, I would love any advice or suggestions on this whole "riding of the potty train".

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All Settled

We're unpacked! I'm so glad to be settled into somewhere, even if it isn't a permanent place.

Moving went really well. We took two days to travel to Florence and then began our search for a place to live. We stayed with a family from our congregation for about a week while we were searching and we stored our stuff in another parishioner's barn. We signed a 6 month lease on a condo just before we left.

After a week here we flew up to Chicago for Matthew's ordination in Brookfield, IL. It was beautiful! So many of our friends and family came, even people that Matthew hasn't seen since he graduated high school. My only regret is that my whole entire family was there, we haven't been all together in awhile, and we didn't get anypictures of us all.

The next day we traveled with my family to visit relative in Nebraska and Iowa. We also visited our vicarage congregation, our midwife, and our chiropractor. We had such a great time. Some of my cousins, aunts, and uncles I hadn't seen in years.

Sunday, the 24th, we had Matthew's installation as Pastor. I was really pleased that so many of the pastors from the circuit came. Even some from North Carolina came. There were at least two that we already knew from seminary, and we met several others that I think will become good friends.

We moved into our 2nd floor condo on the 25th. It's really nice and actually quite big. We were really blessed to find it when we did. The lady who owns it was about to turn it over to realtors, which would have made the price go up. So, now we are all settled in. We had a house blessing this past Sunday and had several people from the church over for it. Everyone has been so nice to us. We've already had numerous dinner invitations and we go out to lunch with half the congregation after church. We are just so blessed to be here.