Thursday, May 19, 2005

Soon to be a Vicar's Wife

Matthew will soon be a Vicar and that means that I'll be a Vicar's wife. I'm pretty surprised at myself that I'm not terrified about living up to the congregation's expectations. Maybe I'm just too excited about being in a new place surrounded by new people. Plus, I have the whole cute baby thing on my side. We've sent the church some pictures and they are already mesmerized by little Eli. Actually, I'm probably the most excited about being settled somewhere. For the past three months we've been squished into a 600 sq. ft. apartment. Now most everything is in a box or scattered about. I really hate having such a mess; It stresses me out. I'll be really glad to put it all into storage and live with mom for two months. It will probably be my last "vacation" ever.