Friday, March 14, 2008


Lena was so bad last night. I really can't figure out why. At first I thought that maybe she was hungry because we didn't have much of a dinner. That took care of it for awhile. (That and sleeping in mommy's bed.) She wouldn't stay in her bed and I can't sleep well with her in my bed. Finally I went and "slept" on the futon. Comfy, but I was too frustrated by then to sleep. She was still waking up. I'm sure that Matthew was trying to keep her calm, but she's really a momma's girl. Then I realized her diaper was very very wet. I didn't even think to check because she is really good during the day about telling me when she's wet. So I changed her and she still wouldn't sleep in her bed or without me. So I just decided to get up and get some things done. I finally got her to go to sleep on the futon. It wouldn't be too bad being up nice and early, except that the whole time change thing has really really thrown me off. I stayed up until 2am! I'm usually in bed by 11pm, so I could understand if I started going to bed at 12am or 1am, but 2am!? It's really absurd. Of course it doesn't help that since I'm up so late, I sleep late. (When I can. I got to yesterday.) It's just been really throwing my days and nights off. Maybe I'll get to have a short nap today, and go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. I don't think I'll make it without a nap today.

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