Monday, May 15, 2006

37 Weeks

Well, I'm almost to my 37 weeks point (tomorrow). If I don't have this baby tonight, then tomorrow morning will be the most pregnant I've ever been. (Eli was born at 8:22am at 37 weeks.) I'm definitely ready to have this baby. Not so much ready to have a second child, just ready to not be pregnant anymore. It's kind of like looking forward to a party at your own house. You put all this hard work and preparation into it, and you can hardly wait to have it over with, but you know it will be just great! And then afterwards it’s all over. That’s the part that I don’t like. It’s the “Baby Blues” thing that everyone talks about. The birth will be this big wonderful event, then comes the baptism and all the family and friends that will visit. After about a week or two it’s all over. My hubby will go back to work and I’ll have to take care of two young’ns. I guess that I’m pretty lucky that Matthew doesn’t work a whole lot away from home. If he ever is gone, it’s just over to the church or visiting shut-ins. Plus, I have so many people here in the congregation that are really excited about helping me out with anything I need. It’s really nice to know that they are all so eager. Say a little prayer for us, please as the birth may be near. (It could actually be closer to three weeks from now!)

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